The Beer Fest Instant Win Card 3 great games in one!

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  • Name : Beer Fest
  • Reels: NA
  • Paylines: NA

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Beer Fest
  • Bonus: $100
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For players who like to play the odd scratch card game when they go to their online casino, it may be worth taking a look at the Beer Fest scratch game.

Beer Fest is three games rolled into one and is an instant win scratch card.

The three games played with the Beer Fest instant win card are called, the 'Beers All Round' game, the 'Table Dancing' game and the 'Munchies' game.

All three games feature multipliers in calculating winnings. To find out how much can be won in each game, the player simply multiplies the stake by the number under where it says 'Click To Reveal Prize'. Should the player not wish to spoil the surprise, then there is no need to click.

The Beers All Round game features two drinkers sat at a wooden table accompanied by waitress with jug, filling their glasses as they guzzle down their ale. The player clicks on the drinker who they think will win and if he doesn't turn green and his eyes don't glow red after all the belching, they win what the prize revealed is.

The Munchies game is where the player matches one of three covered table dishes with the covered dish held by the waitress. Again uncovering the 'Click To Reveal Prize' will display the stake multiplier.

With the Table Dancing game the player selects one of four tables for our friend Fritz to display his dancing talents. If the table is sturdy enough to hold his clattering feet, the displayed prize is won.

It has to be said with up to a 5,000 time multiplier on this Beer Fest scratch card, that would be enough to get anyone table dancing, perhaps Walking On Sunshine?