Who will be Bowled Over By This Cricket Scratch Card Game?

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  • Name : Bowled Over
  • Reels: NA
  • Paylines: NA

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Bowled Over
  • Bonus: $100
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For those that like to spend their leisure time in the online casinos and sometimes like to take a break from their regular table games they may care to take a look at this Instant Win scratch card game called Bowled Over.

Bowled Over consists of two games centred on the game of cricket and winnings that are made from the first game are automatically added to the 2nd game.

The stake that is used, covers the two games displayed and unlike a lot of scratch card games which base winnings on the stake using a multiplier, With Bowled Over the amount won is actually displayed without the need of working it out.

The first game opens with 6 cricket balls that the player has to scratch to reveal a famous cricketer. To win, the same player has to be revealed in three of the six panels with different players having different prize values listed below their amusing caricatures.

In the second game of Bowled Over, The large cricket ball is clicked to reveal the wicket complete with wicketkeeper, but, wait for it, no batsman to protect the wicket! The ball spins away and if it hits the stumps, the player wins the revealed prize.

To get under way the player clicks the big red 'New Game' button in the bottom center of the screen and starts scratching away at the cricket balls on game one. They then move on to scratch the larger red ball on game two. Once the 'New Game' button is clicked, it changes to read 'Reveal All', offering the option of playing the game out automatically. The player simply clicks it again and can now play the two games consecutively, one after the other.