Bunny Boiler Gold - An Underground Adventure For The Scratchies!

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  • Name : Bunny Boiler Gold
  • Reels: NA
  • Paylines: NA

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Bunny Boiler Gold
  • Bonus: $100
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Just as with slot machines, scratch card games are evolving. Bunny Boiler Gold although classified as a scratch card game takes on its form as a well-developed animated board game. The cartoon style graphics, along with fitting sound effects catch the attention from the off, and it can be clearly seen why this new trend is going down so well with its players.

Bunny Boiler Gold starts out with the bunny to the left of the screen just below ground level ready to make his way through his rabbit burrow. This is no usual rabbit burrow though. There are 35 spaces making up the trail ahead along with 5 danger spaces indicated by a skull and crossbones. Landing on these results in an anvil, anchor, or bomb putting paid to the bunny and the game, although having looked to have come to a grisly end, randomly he will reappear claiming survival and the game continues on.

The other symbols that occupy the spaces along the way are comprised of carrots, which he collects along his journey, two fast forward spaces that when landed on advance him further along the board, as well as the prize spaces to be collected in the quest to reach the jackpot symbol in the centre of the trail.

The player has six rolls of the dice to advance the bunny to collect prizes. Once a prize has been attained, even if followed by landing on a danger space, the player still wins and a new game is started. A very special feature of this game is its 'Golden Carrot' Prize, which can arrive unexpectedly when landing on the 'safe' carrot symbol. In this instance the bunny is magically transported onto the jackpot symbol which opens a spinning wheel of prizes maxing out at $10,000, thus unveiling a shortcut to jackpot heaven, like no other, that's for sure!