Crypt Crusade Gold And The Dangerous Trek For The Treasure Chest

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  • Name : Crypt Crusade Gold
  • Reels: NA
  • Paylines: NA

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Crypt Crusade Gold
  • Bonus: $100
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Although this game is not exactly a scratch card game Crypt Crusade Gold is a game that's very easy to grasp.

Laid out like a board game this is more of a cartoon type of game. It starts with an intrepid explorer all decked out with his safari hat flashlight and magnifying glass and off he goes on his quest to reach the treasure chest in the centre of the screen. He must negotiate the octagonal spaces which form a peripheral trail, whilst trying to avoid the eight danger spaces which are indicated by a skull and crossbones.

As the explorer starts his travels ready to head into the deep unknown, new players can also get acclimatised by playing the Crypt Crusade Gold free version first. It's an easy game to follow, and when they want to play the game for real money, they can better decide their stake, be it $0.50 or the maximum of $10.00 per game.

For each game there are a maximum of 8 spins. Once the 'New Game' button in the bottom center of the screen is hit, it changes into the 'Spin' button. Immediately to its left the number of spins that remain will count down, under the 'Spins' header. Next to the spins counter a compass is located and as the blue spin button is clicked, the compass dial will whirl round and eventually reveal the number of spaces between one and six for the eager explorer to move.

After playing Crypt Crusade Gold for a while, it becomes obvious to the new player that it's advantageous to secure high numbers right from the off with the first three spins. This will enable the player to get round to the prize side of the board with enough spins remaining to collect the prizes along the trail, assuming they steer clear of the danger that is!