Game Set And Scratch Instant Pay Scratch Cards - Tennis Anyone?

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  • Name : Game Set And Scratch
  • Reels: NA
  • Paylines: NA

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Game Set And Scratch
  • Bonus: $100
  • Software:
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Game Set And Scratch, is yet another sport theme game from software developers Microgaming. Anyone who has already played their cricket Bowled Over scratch card game and liked it, should be equally satisfied playing this tennis game offering. They will instantly be familiar with how the first game is played out, that's for certain.

Once the game has been successfully loaded, the first thing to hit the new player is the rich green texture of the colorful split screen in front of them. Two games are displayed one on the left and one on the right.

Focusing on just the first game of Game Set And Scratch which is displayed on the left, There are 3 pair of dark green circles with a yellow question mark at their centre. The 3 green circle pair are mounted one on top of the other and the object of Game 1 is to match 3 of the 6 players revealed once the purple 'New Card' Button is hit to start the game.

By advanced clicking the 'View Payout' Button underneath the game in the far left, a total of 12 players will be displayed with a purple band displaying the prize for matching any 3 of them as these players randomly appear on the players card.

To the immediate right of the 'View Pay out Button sits the yellow 'Stakes' window. Here is where the stake is manually adjusted from $0.50 - $10.00, as this is increased, so the potential reward for the 3 players matched also moves upwards in accordance.

When playing the game manually each of the 6 green circles are clicked to reveal the hidden players, alternatively to play a faster game, The Purple 'Reveal All' button can be pressed. This now replaces the 'New Card' button and once hit, the tennis players in Game Set And Scratch are revealed automatically, along with moving straight on to Game 2.