Scatch Cards From Microganming and Playtech

One of the very popular groups of games that is offered in the online casino environment is that of scratch cards, and even though they are indeed played by many, there may be a lot of people who don't even know they exist. But they are indeed familiar with them in their "land-based" form. You see, the online scratch card, in essence, is the same as what you've seen, and what you might purchase, in a convenience store. You buy it, you go off to the side, you scratch it and find out if you are a winner. It is instant.

That is certainly one reason for their popularity; they offer instant gratification if you are a winner, and at least an instant result if you are not. They also differ from other casino offerings in that there are no rules to learn or no strategies to consider. They are even simpler than slot games in the respect that you only do one thing - scratch it off - except that you do it as part of an online experience.

As is usually the case with online gaming, there are a lot more intriguing choices for players to consider. In Canada, these games are run by the provinces, while in the United States they are state-operated, and no one else is allowed in. But online, there is competition, and two of the principal casino software companies vying for the customer's business are Microgaming and Playtech.

Microgaming scratch cards can be found over at this leading Canadian casino site, and they are really pushing the envelope when it comes to designs and new ideas. They have a lot of games to offer, which isn't surprising, since they are the most prolific developer of online casino gaming products on the market. You can play these "for fun" to start out with if you'd like, and you can designate what kind of stakes you want to play for. Mumbai Magic has been one of their favorites since the date of its release, and one of the reasons it has been such a big hit is that its biggest jackpot pays off at 20,000x, which is huge.

There is another game called "Dawn of the Bread," in which you've got nine different panels to scratch. They are, as the title denotes, loaves of bread, and you are on a quest to match three symbols. We don't want to tell you what some of the symbols are, but we can say unequivocally that it is not for the squeamish.

At Playtech-powered casinos there is also a nice selection of scratch cards you can put into action. And some of the most popular games have themes that are associated with their online slot games. So if you are a big fan of the "Blade" slot (which is part of their renowned Marvel Slots collection), you can also take that to a different place by playing the scratch card of the same name. You'll get a result soon enough (hopefully with a win), but you won;t get all the clanging!