The Best Chance-Based Games

The Best Chance-Based Games

Mankind has been fascinated with chance-based games for thousands of years because it involves risks. And this makes it more appealing to some. With games that involve unpredictability, it is important to understand that at its core, the outcome will be based on random events and winning is based on probability and what others would call "pure luck".

Chance-based games involve an arbitrary and randomizing accessory wherein a participant wagers money or anything valuable. Using a dice, deck of cards, roulette wheels, spinning tops, or marked balls are drawn from a container are common paraphernalia used to influence the outcome of the game. When a game of chance includes anything of monetary value it is gambling.

History of Gambling

The evolution of chance-based games has been with humanity since the early civilizations. Nowadays though, with the advancement of technology, gaming is accessible from land-based casinos, mobile applications, and online gaming sites which allow a player to take part in any game and having the freedom to choose from hundreds of options.

As with any other part of human civilization, the history of gambling is mired with hindrances and restriction that no longer exists. Nowadays, anyone can enjoy a game or two without being criticized or discriminated.

The early form of gambling was discovered in ancient China where tiles were used to play games. Chinese civilization also invented playing cards when they discovered how to create paper money.

Early forms of the dice were unearthed from an Egyptian tomb and dates back thousands of years before Christ. Our Greek ancestors also have their share in the evolution of gambling which reflects with certain mythological scenes such as the Titans splitting the universe by throwing a dice or rolling two sixes on dice which is attributed as the "throw of Aphrodite".

chance games onlineThe early forms of Casino games appeared during the Middle Ages. Baccarat is a game that migrated from Italy to France, Blackjack was mentioned as 'ventiuna' in Spanish book with a French version called vingt-et-un. Poker, one of the well-loved games, has a similar version played in New Orleans during early 1800s where four players played with a deck of 20 cards.

Different Types of Games Based on Chance

Chance-based games have evolved in many different forms from scratch cards, card games, dice games, and slot games. Here are some of the most common games you would find in the casinos, mobile apps, or the Internet.

Scratch cards - Scratch cards are simple cards made from small paper with concealed information. They are commonly used for lottery games where a ticket holder has to scratch off the opaque covering to reveal the prize. Virtual scratch cards are reminiscent of the physical cards where you have to scratch the covering to reveal the hidden information. They can be bought online and prizes can be collected online.

Lotteries - Being one of the most popular forms of gambling, a lottery is a simple game where a player has to pick several numbers, usually 6, to get a chance to win the jackpot prize. The winning numbers are drawn from a container or ball cage so the winning numbers appear only once. Price money steadily increases when nobody wins the jackpot prize because it is rolled over to the next draw. When several people hit the winning numbers, the prize is normally divided amongst the winners. In most lottery draws, hitting some of the winning numbers correspond to a smaller price.

Keno - Keno is a form of lottery where the player wagers by picking random numbers from 1 through 80. A player wins when some of their chosen numbers are picked by a ball machine or by a random number generator. Keno players who choose more numbers gets a bigger chance to win a prize and if a player who bets only on one number and gets to triple the price if the number is drawn.

Roulette - This is a slow paced easy to understand game based on pure chance. Roulette is often played in a casino which requires an elongated table. The table is lined with numbers at the other end where a player can bet with his chips. At the other end is a wheel where a ball is placed and rolled to determine the winning number. Casino chips normally do not have a value and a player determines how much his betted chips are worth. Roulette chips normally do not have a value and should only be cashed out with the dealer. When cashing out, the dealer will exchange the corresponding amount of standard casino chips.

Craps - Craps is a table game where players wager on the result of a dice roll or series of rolls. Players can either wager amongst each other or with a bank as done in casino craps. Craps is a fast and exciting game creating much noise from players. The game has several betting options which make the game complex yet intriguing.

Poker - Poker is a card game that combines gambling, game plan, and skills. Usually done with 4 players, the game has numerous forms and combinations which should be understood. Betting is also an intrinsic part of the game and something that makes the game more exciting. Poker requires skills and strategy to win. Poker can also be played by a number of people usually up to 8 participants. They can also form two separate games at each table and set up two separate games.

Slot Games - Slot machines are one of the sought after games in a casino. Although there are variants including mobile apps and online options emerging, the mechanics remain the same. A player has to spin the reels and form 3 matches of a certain picture. Old machines used a lever to spin the reels while modern ones use computer generated imagery and a button to stop the reel from spinning. In most casinos, when a single player won more than the machine can payout, a light on top of the slot machine signals the casino of a big win.